Austin Powers : International Man Of Mystery

Austin Powers : International Man Of Mystery, 1997 film starring Mike Myers, Elizabeth Hurley, Michael York  and Robert Wagner.  006 and a half is more like it.

Powers (Myers) is cryo-froze in the 60’s because his arch nemesis , Dr Evil (also Myers) got away.  Now in the 90’s Dr Evil is back and the British and the US thaw out Powers so he can continue his mission and capture Dr Evil before it’s too late!

I could give you more on the synopsis but we all know the story and the movie.  It’s time I re-watched them again.  Myers himself wrote this and it shows.  All he wanted to do back then (except make money) was have fun with his career.  This, the first of three, was truly that.  From the get go this film was funny and entertaining.  Playing multiple parts was hilarious.  It’s like he looked at a 007 movie and said to himself, what if we made 007 a nerdy klutz  and the bad guy a stupid moron?  He did it and it was a fabulous spoof type film.  It looked like all the characters were having so much fun while making this film and it was packed with some heavy weight stars as well.

A lot of his catch phrases are widely recognized and used often. (like, ‘Yeah Baby, Yeah!)  This series has become a cult hit and will remain as many people’s favorite film for many years, some sites have even placed it in their top 100 comedy films of all time.  I enjoy the powers trilogy and commend Myers and his whole team for making the world laugh, even for just a couple of hours.