Back To The Future Part III

Back To The Future Part III, 1990 film starring  Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Mary Steenburgen and Lea Thompson.  The final segment in the trilogy.

After seeing the Doc get zapped by lightening Marty soon discovers that the Doc is living comfortably in the year 1885.  Marty also learns that Doc is killed by Mad Dog Tannen back in 1885 so he decides to head back to rescue the Doc, with the help of past Doc, or is it future doc???

This finale to the series couldn’t have been any better.  They tied up several loose ends and even added romance for the Doc.  I sort of wish they could have kept it going because it was loads of fun to watch, every time.  Fox was brilliant and in his best form for all three.  Not to say he isn’t any good now but he does have limitations.  As before, he played several parts and even interacts with himself.  Weird I know but it was good the way they managed it.  Don’t forget, this was made in 1990.  The story was good, we even had hints that this was where they were heading in the second one.  Acting all around was fantastic, loved Thomas F. Wilson as all the Tannen’s he played.  He was quite convincing.

Hard to believe it has been as many years as it has since this came out, I still love watching all three today and they can still compete well with today’s films.  Give yourself a chuckle again and watch all three the next rainy weekend that come around, great stuff!