Bird On A Wire

Bird On A Wire, 1990 film starring  Mel Gibson, Goldie Hawn and David Carradine.  Filmed the good old fashioned way.

Marianne Graves (Hawn) pulls into a gas station and the attendant looks familiar.  Turns out he is!  Rick (Gibson) had been given a new identity by the Feds for helping convict a drug dealing FBI agent.    What Rick doesn’t know is the guy is now out and hunting him down.  As Marianne confront Rick that she does know him Eugene (Carradine), the bad guy finds them both together and tries to kill them.  Though he doesn’t succeed at that moment, the chase is on…

I found this film to reasonably entertaining, more funny than serious but good.  Back in the eighties and nineties they made films with substance, you know, quality actors  with a good story and no fancy effects.  Using stunt doubles, car crashes and explosions this was fun to watch.  Gibson was in his top form, though I think he is still reasonably good these days.  Goldie was great, this was when she was awesome at it and popular.

In almost every film there is room for improvement but I am not sure of the negative comments on some review sites, they just don’t seem justified.  Most of the review came in the 2000’s, more than ten years later.  I like to review a film based on the time period it was made, you kind of have to put yourself back then!

Regardless, this film deserved more praise than it got, I though it was filled with good action, a good story and acted perfectly by the two leads.  If you haven’t seen it then do so, it was good.