Blast From The Past

Blast From The Past, 1999 film starring Brendan FraserAlicia SilverstoneChristopher Walken and Sissy Spacek.  Arguably one of my favourite comedies to come out of the nineties. 

Calvin (Walken) and his very pregnant wife Helen (Spacek) get trapped in their 60’s bomb shelter for 35 years after Calvin thought world war three had begun.  They soon had Adam (Fraser) and they brought him up in the quaint 60’s style.  After the shelter was unlocked, 35 years later, Adam sets out to replenish their supplies and find a wife to… bring on down!  I wont give up much more, though at this point everyone must have seen it.

Walken was pure Walken, great at what he does, very entertaining.  Spacek was hilarious and Fraser was in his prime as an actor and made me believe he was from the sixties.  Silverstone played the typical 90’s gal and gave a great performance as well.  The story was original and very funny.  I have seen this film several times now and do keep revisiting it when I need a good laugh.  If you haven’t seen this yet then you have missed out, this is a gem.  Great job.

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