Blended, 2014 film starring  Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore, and Kevin Nealon.  So so sweet story of love and comedy.

Jim (Sandler) goes on a blind date with Lauren (Barrymore) which does not go well.  Jim thinks that is that but when his boss has to cancel a trip to Africa and he takes his place Jim ends up with a surprise.  Turns out Jim’s boss is dating one of Lauren’s best friends and when she finds out about the cancellation she agrees to take her place.  Each pair is accompanied by their children.  Surprise surprise, when they get to the resort they discover the fact that they will all have to bunk in the same suite.  What could possibly go wrong?

I know Sandler and Barrymore have played in several films together and they always do well.  They did as well with this one but I just did not get bowled over by it.  The story was ok I guess but just not realistic.  I know it was meant to be fun and it kind of was but did not give me the want to see it more than once.

You could obviously tell that they would end up together and the process they took was somewhat entertaining.  The location was fantastic though, it is such a beautiful country and to see all the wildlife was fantastic.  I wont go lower than a three of five for this because it was funny in many parts and the two stars do work so well together.  I can’t go higher than three tough because I was just not blown away.  It was fun though but did not make the watch again shelf.