Blockers, 2018 film starring  Leslie MannJohn Cena and Ike Barinholtz.  Prom night not only spawns lots of sex but more barfing in one place than I cared to see!

Three parents uncover the secret code in texts that their daughters all plan to lose their virginity on prom night.  Their plan, to stop them any way they can.

Where to start, from doing funnels of booze directly into ones ass to throwing up in mass amounts in a limo!  It was a funny movie in parts but this type of scenario has been done before.  Get the title to the film, Blockers with a rooster in front??  The  film was made up with B actors, though two out of the three were ok.  I do admit that I laughed occasionally but I think that it was because of the circumstances in those scenes.  It was a bit slow going and more like a B movie in most parts.  Judge for yourself but they don’t deserve more than a three and that’s only because I laughed when the funnel went up Mitchell’s ass (Cena) and when the kids started a barfing stream in the limo.

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