Bruce Almighty

Bruce Almighty, 2003 film starring Jim Carrey, Jennifer Aniston, Morgan Freeman and Steve Carell.  God takes a holiday…and leaves everything to Jim Carrey!!!

Bruce Nolan (Carrey) feels is life is going nowhere.  He can’t catch a break and noting seems to go right.  He of course blames God for it, not himself.  God (Freeman) hears though and begins to sicken of being blamed.  After Bruce looses his job and crashes his car God intervenes and talks to Bruce.  God says to him, you think it’s so easy to be the almighty then you do it and God gives him all his powers (except he can’t mess with free will).  With the power comes all the responsibility but Bruce doesn’t notice that until things start falling apart all over the world and even in his own when his beloved Grace (Aniston) leaves him.

Funny movie, that’s for sure, Carrey performs like he always had to this point, brilliantly and seemingly effortless.  Carrey has been a comic genius for so long.  The story of course plays on the fact that everyone who would see it believes in God which I am sure that there are some that do not.  Though I do I still don’t think he would show himself to someone who blames him for everything, I mean, if that were the case I would have met God years ago!!

The film was well acted not just by Carrey but Aniston was great and Steve Carell is another dynamo powerhouse comedian who always gets it right.  The story was a good one, like I said, everyone blames God for their woes at some point.  I know this is a fifteen year old movie now but it is still a good funny watch.  Well worth being repeated.