Central Intelligence

Central Intelligence, 2016 film starring  Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Danielle Nicolet and Jason Bateman.  Funny story that ends up with a teachable moment!

Calvin (Hart) is depressed and not happy with the outcome of his life.  He used to be Mr popular and voted most likely to succeed, now he is just an accountant!    With his twenty year high school reunion just days away he accepts a friend request from an old, awkward nerdy friend.  He meets him for a drink after work and suddenly his life is turned upside down.  Seems his nerdy friend Bob Stone, aka Robbie Weirdicht (Johnson) may be a rogue CIA agent out to sell off America’s secrets and the agency wants them back.

Not a bad comedy from the Rock.  I did laugh quite a bit and there were some pretty funny one liners.  The premise of this story would make both a good comedy or a good serious action film.  The Rock, though mostly a muscle action star was pretty funny in spots.  Kevin Hart, of course, can always make us laugh and he is good at it.

After the main climax it became aware that they moved into the teachable moment when Robbie went on stage and (in his unique way) spoke about bullying and the bad effects it can produce.  Even though the immediate setting of this talk was pretty funny you sat and watched without laughing and heard what he had to say.

So, yeh!  Good movie, pretty funny, I was not disappointed that I watched it.  Will I sit down with it again… don’t know, I’m on the edge.