Chances Are

Chances Are, 1989 film starring  Cybill Shepherd, Robert Downey Jr. and Ryan O’Neal.  Chances are it doesn’t make my list!

Corinne (Shepherd) looses her husband to an accident.  He winds up at the gates to heaven but wants to go back.  He can but he must be reincarnated as someone else.  In his hurry to get back to Earth the angel forgets to inject him with the potion to forget his present life.  Some years later, a young boy Alex, the past husband to Corinne (Downey Jr) falls in love with Miranda (Mary Stuart Masterson) who turns out to be Corinne’s daughter…well, his own daughter in his past life!!!  Suddenly his past life’s memories come flooding back to him, he knows who he was and he wants Corinne back!

This was a decent flick.  Nice to see older stuff once in a while.  I do remember seeing it years ago when it came out and even got the dvd but then again I had a problem with collecting dvd’s.  Way too many, to such an extent I forget what I have.  This was a good story and delves into one possible version of the after life, in a comedic way of course.  We haven’t seen much from Shepherd in many years except for Tv series and a few made for tv movies but back then she was a good actress.  Downey Jr was still an up and coming star and played his part very well.  Who knew the young member of the brat pack would end up as Iron Man and one of Hollywood’s top earners!

This film is filled with charm and a good story, one that people can relate to, not the dying and being resurrected part though, sheesh!!  It was a good watch and not a bad way to spend a couple of hours.



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