Dave, 1993 film starring Kevin Kline, Sigourney Weaver, Frank Langella and Kevin Dunn.  Great feel good movie suitable for the entire family.

Dave (Kline) is just a man who runs a Temp agency, Dave is also identical in looks to the president of the United States.  One day the secret service knocks on his door and asks him to sub for the President while he conducts some private business, so he does.  Turns out the President was banging one of his secretaries but on this occasion he has a stroke while doing it.  Dave now has to continue to act as the president while Chief of Staff, Bob Alexander (Langella) uses this situation to make himself become the new president but Dave and the First Lady (Weaver) come up with a way to beat him at his own game.

Great little film that I have actually seen now about three times since it came out.  It didn’t get super high marks from other review site and I can’t understand why.  The story was good and all the actors made this a memorable film.  Kline did a great job playing both roles as the president and Dave.  I loved it when he tried to slash the budget using common man sense and what do you know, it worked.  Maybe the Government needs this in real life!  Weaver played a great part as well, I would have thought she would identify Dave as an impostor when she saw him in the shower, full frontal but that’s not where she figured it out!  This really was a feel good movie, very entertaining.  It’s the kind of film that when it comes on tv you will sit and watch it every time.  Now that’s a great legacy.