Dick, 1999 film starring  Kirsten Dunst, Michelle Williams, Dan Hedaya and Will Ferrell.  How the undoing of tricky dicky took place!

Two oblivious young teenage schoolgirls in the early 70’s wander off during a White House tour and end up meeting the president.  The night before, Arlene (Williams), who lives at the Watergate tower, and Betsy (Dunst) sneak out and end up interrupting the Watergate break in however the girls remain oblivious to it.  One of the presidents aids recognize the two young girls and tells Nixon (Hedaya) so he makes them his dog walkers to keep them close.  Soon Nixon makes the girls “presidential youth advisers” but when the girls finally put two and two together about what was taking place at the White House they take their story to Woodward and Bernstein under the guise of “deep Throat” so that their identity remains unknown.

I love coming across movies that you have previously passed on because it didn’t look that good and you sit and watch it and actually enjoy it. I thought this was genius, putting the antics of Nixon and Watergate with the two bumbling girls who have no idea what they are accidentally exposing!  Gives you a real funny perspective of how Nixon’s undoing took place.  Dunst and Williams were great but Hedaya was absolutely marvelous as Nixon.  I couldn’t stop laughing when he shared one of the ‘Hello Dolly’ cookies with the Russian president.  (The cookies are laced with pot that the girls made for Dick without knowing)

This film was made with good directing (Andrew Fleming), along with a great story and fantastic comedic acting.  It was filled with all kinds of stars such as Dave Foley, Terry Garr, Saul Rubinek, Ted McGinley and Ryan Reynolds to mention a few!  Good film that could easily be watched more than once.




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