Evan Almighty

Evan Almighty, 2007 film starring Steve CarellMorgan FreemanLauren Graham and more.  Evan Baxter is back and is now a congressman in this hilarious sequel to Bruce Almighty.

The Buffalo newsman now turned congressman moves his family to Virginia and is at once contacted by God (Freeman) who asks Evan (Carell) to build an ark.  After convincing Evan he is God he sets out to build an ark that will fit two of every animal.  Of course his family, colleagues and neighbors think he has gone mad.  Soon animals from all over show up and help him finish his boat.

The evil congressman Long (John Goodman) wants Baxter to help him pass a bill that will make him even richer while cutting corners to do so.  Evan, thinking God is going to flood the earth again is mistaken and the flood is actually the result of Long’s cost cutting measures.  The result is a funny and entertaining ‘Watch Again’ film that Carell’s followers love to see.  His humor combined with the great acting including Wanda Sykes turns out an epic funny film.  I highly recommend this for part of your comedy collection.

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