Game Night

Game Night, 2018 film starring Jason BatemanRachel McAdams and Kyle Chandler.  Funny, entertaining but not a fully unique story!

A group of friends that regularly meet for game night end up running from criminals when Max’s (Bateman) brother Brooks (Chandler) attends.  Now the gang must find a way to save Brooks and end this crazy game.

Well, it was funny for sure.  Bateman is actually getting better with this type of film.  Teamed up with McAdams they did a band up job.  Though we have all seen films where the seemingly innocent are shoved into the life of crime or into the horrors of crime the game night spin made the film funnier and more enjoyable.  There were some great funny bits, jokes and one liners that made you laugh.  The whole cast took what should have been an average film into a better one.  I was pleasantly surprised with this one.  At first it was only getting a three but when the action started I knew that wasn’t enough.  When Max dripped blood on the dog and tried to clean it, dam… I couldn’t stop laughing at his reactions.  Do yourself a favor and give it a watch, funny stuff.

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