Grown Ups

Grown Ups, 2010 film starring  Adam Sandler, Salma Hayek, Kevin James, Chris Rock and David Spade.  Such a fun way to spend a drizzly afternoon.

Five high school friends learn of their beloved coach’s passing and meet up after years to say good bye to him.  Each with different lives now they rent out a cabin and all spend a fourth of July weekend together after the funeral.  Old rivalries resurface as well of loads of fun.

Almost from the beginning of this film do you start laughing.  Sandler is a comic genius in my opinion.  He has not made too many duds and this one was a joy to watch.  The five guys seemed to gel nicely and perform very well in this laugh a minute movie.  You can kind of tell where the ad-libbing was but they went with it.  Absolutely no need for special effects in this type of film, it would have ruined the fun.  Loved the part Steve Buscemi played, he can be a hoot.  The story was actually a good one as well.  We all have friends from high school that we may or may not see often but we wish we could.  I would love to spend a weekend with they guys from back then.

If you are looking for a good laugh with a good story then this is for you, I know they made a sequel and that is soon on my list, so just have fun with it, I can see they did.  Great times.