I Feel Pretty

I Feel Pretty, 2018 film starring Amy SchumerMichelle Williams and Emily Ratajkowski.  An insecure woman has a complex about her looks and accidentally does something about it.

A very insecure Renee Bennett (Schumer) tries everything to make herself look better til one day she suffers a fall.  When she awakens she sees herself in the mirror and believes she is the most beautiful woman in the world which instills in her the most confidence.  Good things now start to happen to her because of her new found confidence.  Alas, when she is on top of the world she slips again and reverts back with some comedic moments.

The story is not new, woman hates her looks and something suddenly makes her think otherwise.  Normally I would say this film was there to show women not to feel bad about themselves, a lesson if you will.  With Schumer as the lead I think it was made for pure fun (and money) as she loves comedy rolls.  Her acting in this was ok, no complaints, the rest of the cast… I guess ok.  No need for fancy visuals here, this was just comedy.  I did enjoy it after I got into it but not one I will see again.  It was entertaining  though.