Just Getting Started

Just Getting Started, 2017 film starring  Morgan Freeman, Tommy Lee Jones and Rene Russo.  Seems to me that when we know we are too old for comedy we should stop!

Duke (Freeman) has the perfect life, he is in charge of an elder community where he lives, has all the ladies begging for him and is revered by all!  In comes new comer Leo (Jones), a man of apparent distinction, good looking and can accomplish almost anything.  The two obviously clash over who is the dominant male in the community but they will have to put that aside as it turns out Duke is part of the witness protection program and the mob now knows where he is.

Oh, how I wish these two great actors hadn’t taken this on!  It made them look like it was time to give up the acting business and retire out of site.  Now I love these two guys but sheesh, this film just did not measure up.  I mean, the story was decent enough and as it began I was very hopeful.  When you see the names of Freeman and Jones in the top bill, right away you have high expectations.  Sadly, this film missed the mark.  It was decent enough to watch and Russo was also very good but it just lacked comedy.

Jones and Freeman should stick to the good stuff, action or high drama.  If this is really what they are becoming now then it’s time to bow out gentlemen, leave while you are on top.



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