Larry The Cable Guy : Health Inspector

Larry The Cable Guy : Health Inspector, 2006 film starring Larry the Cable Guy, David Koechner and Michael Papajohn.  Redneck meets fine cuisine!

Larry plays a big city health inspector who loves food.  Normally his beat only includes greasy spoons, cheap ethnic restaurants and sloppy bars but now he must investigate the source of a food poisoning epidemic wiping it’s way through some of the finer restaurants in the city!

So, you might be a redneck if you identify with this movie.  Not horrible but not a top notch comedy film either.  Larry was ok but he stuck to what he only knows, slapstick, redneck humor that we have seen from him again and again!  The story was alright but I didn’t laugh all the way through like I should.  I did laugh when he kept calling his new partner fella all the time, even though he was speaking to a female!  So there were some funny spots and Larry is usually a very funny guy.

The comedy was just so so, it felt like they just threw this one together real quick and just used the first takes.  It’s obvious the actors in this one were just wanting to have fun with it, maybe because they thought it was a joke as well.  They didn’t focus on making a good quality comedy with this one, ah well, you can’t win em all!, eh fella?