Life Of The Party

Life Of The Party, 2018 film starring Melissa McCarthyMatt Walsh and Molly Gordon.  Typical and repeat film.

Moments after dropping their daughter off to college Deanna’s (McCarthy) husband asks for a divorce because he has found someone else.  Bewildered and not knowing what to do she decides to go back to college (the same one her daughter goes to).  She soon begins to experience the college life fully with partying, drinking and getting promiscuous with men younger than her daughter.  The result being a fairly funny film.

Though McCarthy is a very funny lady this story has been used a lot in Hollywood and really doesn’t need to be told again.  We have seen this story too many times.  The gags were reminiscent of older ones, the drinking and partying scenes could have been from any number of films and the cast seemed like all they wanted to do was just drink and get it over with.  Now I am not saying it is horrible, McCarthy shows a lot of enthusiasm but no one else seemed to.  I think we get a negative vibe almost right away because the story has been used up, come on Hollywood, you need to start thinking outside of the box for stories.  I was right on the edge of going only two stars here if it weren’t for McCarthy.  Ok Melissa, this was your only ‘gimme’ , do better next time!