Logan Lucky

Logan Lucky, 2017 film starring Channing TatumAdam Driver and Daniel Craig.  Funny crime film from red neck central North Carolina.

Jimmy Logan (Tatum) can’t hold a job and convinces his brother to help him rob a cash rich North Carolina Speedway during an upcoming Nascar weekend.  With the help of his sister and a convicted criminal (Craig) they hatch the plan and carry it out.

I put this more in the comedy category than anything,  they are not smart criminals and I don’t think it would be that easy to rob a speedway.  Now I’m not saying I didn’t like it, I did.  It came of to me more comedy as they (the characters) didn’t take it seriously.  Definitely not the best heist film out there, seems to me they weren’t even shooting for that status but oh well.  The characters were ok, the only real good one (believable) would be Joe Bang (Craig).  The film is ok to watch once but I think that is as far as I would go.

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