Man Of The Year

Man Of The Year, 2006 film starring Robin WilliamsLaura LinneyLewis Black and Christopher Walken.  What happens when a citizen, non politician runs for president and wins???  Sounds a little familiar doesn’t it!

Tom Dobbs (Williams) is a tv comedian who’s audience encourages him to run for president because no one likes who is there now.  He adds his name to the dockets and begins his campaign.  Unbeknownst to everyone, except one (Linney), the new voting system has a major flaw and ends up putting Dobbs as the winner of the presidential election.

It is a comedy but comes off to me more of a drama/comedy.  Williams was excellent as the funny man, which he always was and Linney actually plays a decent role in the drama side.  It was a good watch but I’m teetering as to whether I goes on the ‘Watch Again’ shelf.  Williams did set aside his humor near the end and I did believe him as he got serious.  Goldblum played a good bad guy and Walken and Black were fantastic supporting actors.  The story was good but they could have made it a bit better than it was. I’m giving it a four because I was entertained and unfortunately we will no be subject to any more Williams movies again.

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