Meatballs, 1979 film starring Bill Murray, Harvey Atkin and Kate Lynch.  As the seventies brought us, comedy with no other purpose than to make us laugh!

Campers and Camp Councilor’s and their incredible high-jinks at a lower than average summer camp.  From kids with self esteem problems, horny kids and councilor’s to having nothing but fun this camp is a bustling from the get go.

As films about summer camping for the little one’s go this is by far the funniest.  Murray is an awesome actor and comedian especially in the seventies and eighties.  Maybe I am a little bias because those are the decades I grew up in but there is no debating the man’s comedic genius.  The story was ok but I think it was made more to just have fun with and what I saw they certainly did.

Though I never went to a summer camp, this was always the way I imagined it.  Loads of fun, good practical jokes & pranks and summer love!  I think it is hard to pick apart this film because it was made so long ago. (40 years as of today!!!)   No lavish sets, blue screening or other effects.  Just a great location, Camp White Pine located in Haliburton, Ontario, Canada! Not far from my home town!

This was just plainly a good summer fun film.  It won three Genie Awards in 1980 and has been shown around the world.  You can still find it on tv occasionally and on streaming services.



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