National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, 1989 film starring Chevy ChaseBeverly D’AngeloJuliette Lewis, Doris Roberts and Randy Quaid.  One of the better vacation films in the series, Chase never disappoints.

Clark Griswold (Chase) is planning a big family Christmas, with both Ellen’s (D’Angelo)  parents and his, lights galore and…oh no…cousin Eddie.  What could possibly go wrong here.  See how Clark deals with the parents, freeloaders, burnt out bulbs and a miserable boss.

Not sure why I watched this now, I usually save it for around Christmas time but I saw it on the shelf and said yes, I need a classic Chevy Chase laugh.  Not much wrong with this film.  It was classic vacation style humor, the cast was great and very funny and what Vacation movie isn’t tops without good old Cousin Eddie!  This film quickly became a cult classic along with the others,  well except maybe European Vacation but I will get to that another time.  The visuals were good, nothing fancy but good sets and costumes.  This movie is a must watch once a year as I’m sure it is with many.

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