National Lampoons Vegas Vacation

Vegas Vacation, 1997 film starring Chevy ChaseBeverly D’AngeloRandy Quaid and Wayne Newton.  One of the funniest vacation movies out there.  National Lampoon does it again!

In this chapter Clark (Chase) takes his family to party town Las Vegas.  There he unnexpectidly gets hooked on gambling and starts quietly loosing all their money.  While Clark is doing that, Ellen (D’Angelo) becomes involved with Wayne Newton and the kids begin doing things on their own.  Young Rusty (Ethan Embry) acquires a fake ID and begins winning big in the casino’s.

When Clark finally blows the family fortune and realizes that he has alienated his family he tries to bring them all together.  He soon finds out what everyone else has been up to and enlists Cousin Eddie’s (Quaid) help.  The result once again is another hilarious vacation movie.  This one is tied as my first (along with Christmas Vacation),  whats your?

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