Overboard, 2018 film starring Anna FarisEva Longoria and Eugenio Derbez.  Complete knockoff of the original film with Russell and Hawn and definitely no where near as funny.

As in the original a wealthy, ignorant yacht owner is thrown overboard by turbulent seas and land in the small tow of Elk Cove where he awakens with complete amnesia.  Kate (Faris) decides to pretend he is her husband so as to gain back some revenge after he was rude and obnoxious to her when she was hired to clean the yacht’s floors.

Sorry Anna, I think you should have passed on this one, you can not compete with Goldie Hawn.  It was not an original story and the writers even took lines from the original and used them. The only difference in this story is the reversal of genders who were the rich and poor.  The visuals were good of course but not enough to ignore what was going on.  I know they tried to make it there own story when she went to the hospital to pick him up and the doctor had referred to the amnesia case back in the eighties (the original) as the only other one in the history of Elk Cove.  This movie will never make it in popularity like the original (which is still high on the replay lists) and as more of us watch it it will end up with much lower ratings than it does now.  Again, sorry Anna, I know you get paid good for films but you should have enough in the bank by now to pass on one or two of these!