Paul, 2011 film starring Simon PeggNick FrostSeth Rogen and so many more.  Great cast makes this a must watch comedy.

Two British geeks who are travelling America by RV pick up an alien by the name of Paul (voice of Rogen) who asks them to help him escape the clutches of the secret military who are hunting him down since his escape.  The geeks end up on a whirlwind trip of comedy and adventure to get Paul to safety.

Ok, this was a very funny story.  To put a comedy spin on the age old alien from area 51 story was perfect and to have Rogen as the alien character was, to me, priceless.  He made Paul into a wisecracking, cigarette smoking bad ass alien which kept me in stitches.

The beginning was a little slow but they had to give you the back story of both the alien and the two Brits.  Pegg and Frost were a great pair and some of the other characters such as Jane Lynch, Jason Bateman, Kristen Wiig and Sigourney Weaver made this a wonderfully funny film.  Defiantly a ‘Watch Again’ film.

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