Pixels, 2015 film starring  Adam SandlerKevin JamesMichelle Monaghan.  Don’t go by IMDB rating or other critics on this one.  It was just a plain fun film to watch.  As a child of the 70’s and 80’s it took me back to the good old days.

It’s the story about a probe that was sent into space in the eighties and among it were video’s of kid of the time playing video games.  A race of aliens see’s them and interprets it as a  challenge come to earth and battle.  Two of the kids in the video’s now older, one a geek who installs electronics (Sandler as Brenner) and the other now the President of the US (James as President Will Cooper) must fight the aliens who have come to earth in the form of all the arcade games they played as kids.  The games are on, each side only gets three lives and the winner takes the planet.

Obviously meant as a good family movie this one is great.  You get everything, war, comedy and a love story!!  The critics (who in my opinion are bought and paid for) only peg it as a 5 1/2 out of 10, me I give it an eight for it’s pure entertainment value. (which translates to a four out of five for me)

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