Private Parts

Private Parts, 1997 film starring Howard Stern, Mary McCormack, Robin Quivers, Fred Norris and Paul Giamatti.  How the legend of smut got his start!

This is the autobiographical story of Howard Stern, New York’s famous radio host who challenged the edge of decency and the FCC.  It’s the story of the man who always dreamed of becoming a disk jockey and how he had to work his way up the ranks, and sometimes back down to become who he is today.  Of course today he has expanded his reach to tv and movie and is widely recognized as the man who changed the ‘sound of radio’.

I thought this was a very funny bio-pick which happened to be loaded up with many of the real characters who rode with Stern to the top.  I’d listened to him for years and laughed like crazy with his antics and this film turned out to be just the way I thought it would.  Note to those with kids, keep them away… this film is filled with lewdness, vulgarity and scenes with nudity.  I Love It!  Anyone who has listened to him over the years would not be shocked at how he made it.  For the amateurs in the film the acting was ok, for the pro’s it was good.  I say ok because because none of them were actors at the time but they all lived the actual story.  Time well spent, it get a resounding four because I laughed all the way through, especially when he had radio sex with a woman and a sub-woofer on the air!!!  Hilarious!