RV, 2006 film starring  Robin Williams, Cheryl Hines and Jeff Daniels.  Classic Williams fun movie.

Williams plays Bob, an aging ad exec with a spoiled family.  His plans for a vacation go awry when his boss makes him cancel and do a presentation in the Colorado Rockies.  Not wanting to tell his family he has to work instead of Hawaii he rents an RV in the guise of getting his family closer.  The trip to the Rockies is fill with mishaps, mayhem and crazy full timers.  Let the fun roll.

This was possibly one of Williams best films in his later life.  I so much wish he hadn’t left us so early, we should have been treated to his awesome humor for many more years to come.  It was classic Robin, he was having fun and you saw it.  Daniels and Kristin Chenoweth made a very funny team as the Gornickies and I loved the bus they were camping in.  The writers here really did a great job and treated us to a wacky fun road trip.  Funny as hell when he would sneak off to meet with his boss and had to take a side road back, can’t get much better than that.  The acting all around was good and they all had fun with it, even young Josh Hutcherson who would go on to be a huge talent in the Hunger Games.

Everyone should see this film, it is a testament to Williams acting and comedic presence.  It is a great family film and is worth a repeat watch every once in a while.



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