Smoky And The Bandit

Smoky And The Bandit, 1977 film starring Burt ReynoldsSally FieldJerry Reed and Jackie Gleason.  Oh the seventies were a lot of fun and with that decade came  quite a few good comedies.

The Bandit (Reynolds) and Cledus (Reed) are hire by big and little Enos (Pat McCormick and Paul Williams) to run a tractor trailer load of beer across state lines.  During the run the Bandit picks up Carrie (Field) who is running away from the altar.  Problem is Carrie is running from Sheriff Buford T Justice (Gleason) son Junior and the Sheriff will not let her go, he chases the Bandit all the way.

The critics were not really kind to this film but I think it was great.  It was made to be just plane fun and it was.  Reynolds was in his hey day like Field and the pair teamed up great, just a pleasure to watch.  Gleason of course was hilarious as the Sheriff that wouldn’t give up.  The film did spawn two others but this one was the best.  Along with ‘The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas’ and ‘Cannonball Run’ these were some of Reynolds best films and made a lot of people laugh.

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