Summer Rental

Summer Rental, 1985 film starring John Candy, Richard Crenna, Rip Torn and Karen Austin.  Not Candy’s best work but definitely a must watch for fans.

Jack Chester is a burnt out air traffic controller who needs a vacation.  He and his family head out to Florida for the summer where all kinds happen to him.  His rented house turns out to be dilapidated, the beach is super crowded and a local yachtsman keeps giving him a bad time.

All Candy fans must have seen this one by now.  It is funny and the story is pretty good, not great outdoors good but good all the same.  It has the same style Candy always put into his comedies and I did enjoy it.  Hard to believe this was the first time I did see it and I grew up with Candy and the SCTV gang.  There were some inconsistencies but you have to look beyond that, this was a fun movie made to make us laugh.  Those were the days when, yes, they cared about making money but they also wanted us to get the most out of it.  Back then we went to theaters to see new stuff not sit and wait for them to come out on dvd or a streaming service!  I new he would win the race, I was just hoping they could have gone another ten minutes past that for the celebration instead of ending it right there.  Overall, worth your time, have fun.