Swing Vote

Swing Vote, 2008 film starring Kevin CostnerPaula PattonKelsey Grammer, Dennis Hopper and Judge Reinhold.  What would you do if an election came down to your vote only…and everyone knew it?

Funny story about out of work redneck type Bud Johnson who likes his bud and cares about nothing, except his daughter.  She on the other hand is smart and likes the political system.  She tries to get Bud to vote in the Presidential elections bud he got drunk and never showed.  She takes it upon herself to cast his vote but when a glitch nullifies the vote on an election that is so close the one vote has to count.  Next thing you know Bud is at the center of attention between both Presidential candidates and the whole country.  Who will he vote in, well, you have got to see that for yourself.

I recommend this film.  It is a funny, endearing departure for Costner.  I was hooked from the beginning, I guess all of us guys have a little redneck in him.  Though not a plausible story, such that this situation could never happen, it was very entertaining.  The cast was spot on, Costner, Grammer and Hopper could not have done better.  There were no fancy visuals or effects to be had, just a good story.  Want to spend two hours away from it all, laughing and enjoying, this is your bet.

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