Tag, 2018 film starring Jeremy Renner, Ed Helms and Jake Johnson.  Nice comedy about the boy in every man!

Every May a small group of former classmates continue the famed game of tag which requires travelling all over to get your target.  The goal, not to be the last one touched before the last day of May is over or you are ‘it’ for the rest of the year!  This year, the boys gang together to get the only member of the group never to be tagged.

Well, original, that’s for sure.  I loved the premise where boys will always be boys, even when they get older.  The story was inspired by a true one and we get a glimpse of the real guys in the closing credits, nice!  The acting was great, all good comedians.  I loved Isla Fisher in this, she let her character get right into the game, intensely at times as she cheered on her husband.  This was a pretty good comedy, made me miss the good old days gone by.  The need to destroy property to get away was a bit much and hopefully just creatively put in and not how it really happened.  Still, this came off as a great way to spend two hours.  Good old comedy and fun, I like that!