Team America : World Police

Team America : World Police, 2004 film starring the voices of Trey Parker, Matt Stone and  Elle Russ.  Funny, dirty version of the Thunderbirds!

The North American counter-terrorism force Team America recruits actor Gary Johnston (Parker) to go undercover to help them fight terrorist activities and to find out how they intend to destroy the world.  Turns out the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Il is behind the upcoming global attack and Team America must find a way to stop them.

Man, I laughed all the way through this.  Now when we have a problem we just wave our hands yelling Derka Derka !!  The film took spoof on many fronts including North Korea and a bunch of pacifist actors and actresses from Hollywood.  Now, former leader Kim Jong Il was a ti-rent but he was said to love a good movie and he apparently enjoyed and laughed at this one.  It got a bit weird when Gary and Lisa had their sex scene, imagine two marionettes doing the nasty in all kinds of ways!!  Sheesh!  But, it was funny.  I enjoyed the totally unrealistic story and took it as just pure comedy.  If you are looking for a good laugh and are not too sensitive (racially or religiously) to anything then take a watch at this gem.  Just go into it as fun and not morally reprehensible and you will enjoy it.