The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes

The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes, 1969 film starring Kurt RussellCesar Romero and Joe Flynn.  Russell should have stayed on Gilligan’s Island, this was just a so, so comedy.

A.J. Arno (Romero) is convinced by the kids of Medville College to donate a computer to the school, which he does.  He does not realize that the computer still contains information about his illegal activities until Dexter’s (Russell) accident with the computer allows him to retain any knowledge read or learned and instantly repeat it.  It also gave him all the information that Arno does not want anyone to hear.

You can guess the rest.  I know this was meant to be a family friendly Disney film and I suppose that in 69 it may have been.  Some movies can stand the test of time, this one does not.  Russell was still very young and obviously still learning how to act.  Romero was always good at the slapstick comedy and he was in this.  The car chase scenes were horrible even by the standards set in the sixties but maybe they intended them to be?  Who knows.  The story I guess was funny but not plausible, if a computer gets wet it certainly doesn’t do what it did to Dexter.  Sorry Disney, this one gets put in my yard sale tray, no need to see it twice.

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