The Game Plan

The Game Plan, 2007 film starring  Dwayne Johnson, Kyra Sedgwick and Madison Pettis.  Cute tale of big strong man taking care of his little girl.

Joe Kingman (Johnson) is a big name NFL star with all the money and all the girls!  So what could go wrong.  One day his doorbell rings and there she is, Peyton (Pettis), the daughter he didn’t know he had.  Claiming her mother has gone over seas he takes her in and new dad Joe has to learn a whole new set of rules.  She soon has him and his whole football team wrapped around her fingers.

Great family story.  It is always neat to see how tough guys react to news like this and to see how quickly they become softies!!  Johnson’s acting was great, can’t go wrong.  Pettis was good and very believable in her role.  The whole story was good, heartwarming and enjoyable for the whole family.  There were lots of funny spots to keep you going.  There were some plot holes when it came to the mother but they tried to explain them away later plus it didn’t really matter.  The ending was good, I felt the good feeling where everybody ended up. (not giving it away)  Entertaining and I would recommend to all.