The House

The House, 2017 film starring Will FerrellAmy Poehler and Ryan Simpkins.  Wrong career path for Ferrell and Poehler in this comedy bomb!!

Their small town council takes away Scott and Kate’s scholarship money that would send their daughter to university.  Frank (Jason Mantzoukas) convinces them to open a casino in their house to make the money needed so they do, with consequences. 

Sorry folks, we need a new category for movies like this!  Ferrell has been the king of comedy for a long time but in the last year or so has been coming out with these bombs.  He uses the same old one liners and slapstick that we all see coming.  Pooehler should stick to tv for now or at least be a little choosy what she picks to do.  Mantzoukas was funny as usual but that’s as far as I go for this one.  Sorry Will, try again!

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