The Incredible Mr Limpet

The Incredible Mr Limpet, 1964 film starring Don KnottsCarole Cook and Jack Weston.  If you are looking for a great family friendly movie then here it is.  Not only will you enjoy this classic comedy but so will your kids.

It’s about a bookkeeper with a passion for fish is 4F’d by the Navy and ridiculed by his wife.  He loves fish so much he would rather become one than go on as a human.  On a trip to Coney Island he wanders off to the docks by himself, kneels down and wishes he was a fish.  Next thing you know he falls off the dock and as he falls to the water he changes into a fish.  It’s mid 1941 and while he is swimming around the ocean he meets a Navy Destroyer and directs them where to drop their depth charges.

The Navy soon realizes they have a huge secret weapon on their hand, that is after they come to the realization that they are talking to a fish!!  This is a very funny movie which is also partially animated.  For 1964 this was big!  This belongs in your families ‘Watch Again’ collection, the kids will enjoy it.



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