The Princess Diaries 2, Royal Engagement

The Princess Diaries 2, Royal Engagement.  2004 film starring  Anne Hathaway, Chris Pine, Julie Andrews and Hector Elizondo.  Sequel to the original hit.

Our darling princess Mia is now settled into her homeland of Genovia.  Now that she has turned 21 she is required to take over the throne but no single woman can be queen, now she must find a suitable husband so that she can rule and keep the crown in her family.

I’m going to be a downer here, this film was no where near as good as the original but sequels never really are.  Don’t get me wrong, I did find it family friendly and I did laugh here and there.  Hathaway and Andrews were very good as was Elizondo but the rest were just ok.  I like Pine but not really in this one, I just didn’t believe his character at all.  The story was just ok, a natural succession to the first I guess but it wasn’t spectacular.  The young girls will obviously like this film as they would have the first but the rest of us will just say Oh well.  Not a waste of time to watch but not a watch again film for me.