The Proposal

The Proposal, 2009 film starring  Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds, Mary Steenburgen and Craig T Nelson.  Bullock can do no wrong!!!

Margaret Tate (Bullock), slave driving editor at a New York publisher who is Canadian suddenly faces deportation for an expired visa.  She hatches a scheme to marry Andrew Paxton (Reynolds) on the fly and dumbfounded Andrew agrees.  A very skeptical INS agent vows to catch them committing fraud.  The fly away to Alaska for a long weekend to visit his Gammie (Betty White) and wish her a happy 91st birthday where they also announce their marriage intentions (not the real reason though).  His whole family lives there though and old tensions between father and son, his ex girlfriend and the fact that the basically own the town are all brought back up.  That and the INS guy is lurking!

This film did exactly what I want a film to do, it entertained me enough that I will watch it more than once.  Bullock was very good in this, she played the stuffy, hard boss very well and she managed to make it look good doing it!  Reynolds, ha, funny stuff, especially at the beginning when he was pushed into the roll as fiance!!  The story, though not a genuine one, was very good and the scenery that went with it in Alaska was absolutely beautiful.    It was weird watching Nelson be the ass but he pulled it off great.  Haven’t seen him on film in a while!

It was an all around great feelgood comedy.  I found myself routing for the and was happy with the ending.  Its sometimes fun to watch someone, who doesn’t posses any, develop some morals.    The film was an excellent way to spend a couple of hours.




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