The Reluctant Astronaut

The Reluctant Astronaut, 1967 film starring Don KnottsLeslie NielsenJoan Freeman and more.  One of my favorite classic Knotts films ever!  Funny, funny, funny!

Roy Flemming (Knotts) is a timid young man who runs a kids ride in the local park who is absolutely and deathly afraid of heights.  Well, his father Buck (Arthur O’Connell) takes it upon himself to apply for astronaut training on young Roy’s behalf.  He is accepted and Roy reluctantly heads for NASA.  Turns out Roy was accepted as a janitor at NASA not an astronaut but he keeps the job and fibs to the parents back home that he is an astronaut.  All good till the day his dad visits him at NASA then the fun begins.

This film was absolutely hilarious, Knotts was in top form as Hollywood’s funny man.  He produces some of the best slapstick, ad-libbed moments ever.  He was a natural.  The acting by all (like most of Hollywood then) was great, they all cared about making a quality film.  Now you can pretty much tell when green screening was used but hey, it was 1967, I cut em a brake!  If you have never seen this film and need a good hearty laugh then you have to see it, it will make your day.