Trainwreck, 2015 film starring  Amy Schumer, Brie Larson, Bill Hader and Colin Quinn.  Some say the title sums up the entire point of this film and some say it was actually funny!

Amy (Schumer) is a commitment-phobic career woman who is given a story to do  on a sports Doctor (Hader).  She slowly falls for the good doctor and doesn’t know what to do.  She has spent her whole life running from commitment because she believes that monogamy was never possible.

For one thing here folks, if you think you can put this on with your small kids sitting down .. don’t!  They will ask you more questions than you are prepared to answer.  Schumer is rude and crude as she has been for most of her career.  I think she actually toned it down a little for this film, she didn’t use the harshest words she has ever used.

As an actress Schumer is actually coming along very well and as a writer, she has the writing credits for this film.  Unbelievably, this film was actually nominated for a Golden Globe and did win a few lessor awards.  Not surprisingly it was nominated for an MTV award as well though it didn’t win.  The film actually maintains a six out of ten on most sites!!

There are many parts, especially at the beginning where she just bangs guys and kicks them out, that are not really funny.  Although she does play a drunken tramp very well.  I thought the film moved along relatively well though the story was very predictable.  Hader was good and I consider him a solid actor.

If you like slutty comedies then you will like it but Schumer is not fully likable yet as an actress.  She will get there but it takes time and less screwing (on screen that is).  Right now she has a small fan base but I do think she is heading in the right direction it will grow, I see the potential in her.

Not a bad watch overall but not really worth a repeat watch.