Used Cars

Used Cars, 1980 film starring Kurt RussellJack Warden and Gerrit Graham.  Slapstick comedy or failed drama?  Just an ok film for me.

In order to save the business and his job after the owner dies of a heart attack, a sales team must begin a huge used car campaign and keep the sinister brother of the dead owner, and rival, at bay.  Of course things go wrong and the results can be guessed.

Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy the film but it is not a watch again movie by any means.  Russell was pretty good but I prefer him in more serious rolls but I guess back in the day you took what you could get.  The supporting cast was funny, we even had the Lenny and Squiggy duo help out.  Jack Warden played the part of both brothers.

The comedy was good, the story…. ok I guess it was good and funny.  I loved seeing all the old cars.  For an early eighties film I will give it a thumbs up but only as a one time watch film.  If you are a comedic Russell lover then you should like it.

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