Wayne’s World

Wayne’s World, 1992 film starring  Mike Myers, Dana Carvey, Rob Lowe and Tia Carrere.  Shwing! goes the box office!

Wayne (Myers) and Garth (Carvey), are two slackers with their own Public Access Tv show, Wayne’s World.  After finding ways to promote their show a local station decides to take them on.  Soon nothing is the same for them and worse, Wayne has fallen for an angelic guitar player, Cassandra (Carrere).  A sleazy ad exec wants to use the boys and take Cassandra away for himself.

Started on Saturday Night Live, Wayne’s World was destined to become a movie and it has surpassed all Myers dreams and has become a cult classic.  The boys just wanted to have fun and clearly they did.  From singing Queen songs in the car to hanging out in doughnut shops.  Like I said, it’s based on the sketch Wayne’s World from Saturday Night so they didn’t really have a huge story except to add in the love interest.  Lets face it, back then Carrere was great to look at!  Though it was made in 92 I felt like I was watching something from the eighties but that was not a bad thing, I thought it was a great film.  There are even some cameo’s in it, guess who you see?  There are those that mock it but they don’t understand the concept of just having fun and trying to make us laugh.  In that respect, I think they succeeded and hey, they made more money than they put into it so, great job.