What Planet Are You From

What Planet Are You From, 2000 film starring Garry ShandlingAnnette BeningJohn Goodman.  OMG, you have got to be kidding me.  I like sci-fi and comedy but this….this….ughhh.  Sorry folks, this one did not make my ‘watch again’ collection, hell, it didn’t even make my ‘stay awake and watch’ rule!

It’s about an advanced race of men who are cloned to procreate and have no penis’s (That’s right)  They withered and fell off over time.  Now they want to conquer earth and they decide to do it by making a woman pregnant and then bringing the baby back to their planet.  They chose an operative named Harold Anderson (Shandling) and strap on a humming mechanical penis to him and set him loose.

I can’t go on folks, I am laughing to hard.  I actually fell asleep watching this, nothing about it was good, well maybe the actors in it but they should have probably declined the roles because it didn’t help their resumes.  This film was a waste of time, sorry Shandling (and RIP) but it was horrible.

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