You Again

You Again, 2010 film starring  Kristen Bell, Odette Annable, Sigourney Weaver and Jamie Lee Curtis.  Apparently high school never really leaves you!

Marni (Bell) used to be a nerd, low life, picked on girl at high school.  She is now a successful business woman.  She heads back to her home because her brother is getting married only she finds out it’s to the girl that used to tease and bully her in school.  Meanwhile Marni’s mother Gail (Curtis) meets her arch nemesis Ramona (Weaver) from high school, she turns out to be Marni’s arch nemesis’s aunt!!

This, I guess, would be the comedic version of how high school can affect the rest of your life.  You hang on to it so long and when the opportunity to face it happens you revert back to what you were like in high school.  I suppose in real life this is how resentment and hate are cultivated, nurtured and grow!

The film itself was pretty good, I give it a passing grade because Bell was funny and she deserves to be top billed.  Too often she is cast as supporting actor.  Annable makes a really good stuck up high school bully, seemed natural for her.  Now you put Weaver and Curtis together and you get awesome hilarity, they gelled so well you would have though they made hundreds of films together.  Oh, and in comes Betty White as the grandmother, she is always hilarious especially at the end when she meets her arch nemesis from high school.(Played by Cloris Leachman)

The story was pretty good, not original by any means but still good.  No CGI (if there was it must have been so good I didn’t recognize it!) just great acting in a good story.  Now it could have been better of course, there is always room for improvement.  That being the story was predictable and some of the characters were not played well.  All that being said, I did have fun watching it and I did laugh, just wish there were more laugh scenes but oh well.