State Of Play

State Of Play, 2009 film starring Russell CroweRachel McAdams and Ben Affleck.  Pretty good who done it corporate conspiracy film.

Congressman Collins (Affleck) has an aid killed who happens to be his mistress.  His friend and reporter Cal McAffrey (Crowe) begins to investigate and turns up a connection between what seemed like a random killing to the aids death.  It soon becomes apparent that the congressman may be getting muscled by the very corporation he is trying to investigate.  Now McAffrey’s paper must get the whole story to prove who is behind this conspiracy.

It’s actually better than I described and there is a twist near the end that even I didn’t foresee.  Crowe is very good in this film along along with McAdams, who plays an on-line reporter.  Affleck was just ok in this, I sometimes wonder about him.  He has had some good stuff and some not so good.  The supporting cast such as Helen Mirren, Jason Bateman, and Jeff Daniels did a superb job and made this into the four star I am giving it.  The story was ok, we have seen many a story similar to this but the writers of course threw in the cool ending.  Obviously no need for fancy CGI in this, just using the city, the subway’s and good sets was really all they needed.  As for entertainment purposes, I did enjoy it.  Once the story got rolling, which was almost right away, I got into it and started deducing things by what Crowe was uncovering.  In all, worth your time to see.