The Dead Pool

The Dead Pool, 1988 film starring Clint Eastwood, Liam Neeson and Patricia Clarkson.  Clint as the awesome dirty Harry!!

Local celebreties are identified in a weird game of who will die first, dirty Harry is sent out to investigate and stop it and it gets even more interesting when Harry’s name appears on the list.

I loved the dirty Harry movies, Eastwood was in full form.  It’s great to sit and watch these films again and again.  This one gets a bit psychedelic but hey, it’s an older film and this is what theater goers wanted to see.  Neeson was good, I liked him in older films, well, I still do but he is definitely showing his age in action films.  We even see Jim Carrey in this one as Johnny Squares and he was great.  I would suggest everyone see the dirty Harry films but watch them all chronologically, it will be more fun.  You have to overlook the older cars and scenery but I like looking at all that.  It is a great, fun movie which is in my watch again list whenever possible.