The Old Man & The Gun

The Old Man & The Gun, 2018 film starring  Robert Redford, Casey Affleck, Sissy Spacek and Danny Glover.  The story of Forest Tucker who loved to rob banks.

Forest Tucker (Redford) who had actually escaped from San Quentin is now in his seventies.  His two friends and he still rob banks for a living but now keep it to minimum, no violence heists.   The public becomes enamored with them, they walk into banks, pleasantly ask for money and walk away.  Detective John Hunt (Affleck) is determined to catch him and put him away.

Not a bad movie.  I enjoyed watching it but will likely not repeat it.  The story was good but drawn out a bit.  There was not a huge amount of action but then again we are dealing with several aging actors that can’t do what they used to.  Don’t get me wrong, their acting was good but to me it seemed like they are just putting in time till its over.  Spacek was good, she is always refreshing.

I have always loved Redford films but I think it’s time to just hang it up and enjoy the twilight years.  No offense of course!  This film does not concentrate on the robberies but rather Tucker himself dealing with continuing what he loves to do and meeting a lovely women.  How he enjoys the chase with the detective and how he can not stop doing it.

So, yeh!  The film was good but just for a one time sitting.  I’m going to have to go back to my collection and watch an early Redford movie now because I don’t like feeling too negative about his work.  Ah well, even the best of the best can have a just average day!



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