7 Days In Entebbe

7 Days In Entebbe, 2018 film starring Rosamund PikeDaniel Brühl and Eddie Marsan.  Based on the real life event during 1976.

In 1976 an Air France jet was hijacked while on route from Tel-Aviv to Paris.  Fueled by the never ending feud between Palestine and Israel (even to this date) the hijackers separate all the Israeli passengers from the rest and demand Israel release terrorist from their prisons.  After much debate the Israel government decides to send it’s military out on a bold rescue mission rather than negotiate.

Firstly, this was a good telling of a historical event interpreted by the film makers.  It showed the struggle that Palestine and Israel endure but through a more human side.  I felt for both sides here although one fellow said it right, ‘you fight, you use your army, not the innocent’ so in that respect the hijackers paid the price they needed to in the end.  I did not like they constant cut into the dance scenes, they didn’t need to be there.  The story was good enough without it.

Israel, it’s government and it’s military, I think, were shown in a respectful fair light.  The two Germans, whether true or creative licence was used, showed the world that even the best of us can be misguided into believing they are doing the right thing.  The visuals in this film were simple, no need for wild cgi and the acting was very good.  I am not sure why it got low ratings from the critics (like I said before, they are all owned by someone!) I thought it was a gripping film.  I do love these history telling films and like Argo, I will definitely watch this again.