A Civil Action

A Civil Action, 1998 film starring  John Travolta, Robert Duvall, Kathleen Quinlan , William H. Macy and John Lithgow.  Based on a true story that will madden you and touch you at the same time.

Travolta plays Jan Schlichtmann a money hungry lawyer who takes on a case involving two high profile companies that contaminated a local river that caused the deaths of eight children.  He started out seeing dollar signs but the story touched him.  So much so that he bet his firm on it.  He becomes so involved and won’t let it drop and soon realized it is not all about the money, though his firm would disagree.  It goes through the court, facts are collected and acquisitions are made.

I won’t say any more as it would give it away.  I though Travolta was fabulous in this film and to watch him turn from money man to caring man was wonderful.  In fact the entire cast did a great job here.  Macy was in his usual great form and of course Bobby D was great.  No need for spectacular effects here, it was all about the story.  The greed, the selfishness of big business and the plight of the common man having to find justice.  Excellent drama and well worth a re-watch someday.  If you haven’t seen it you should, very good, emotional story.